TriAza - EC Neem Insecticide

TriAza EC is a neem-based emulsifiable biopesticide Concentrate formulation containing Azadirachtin ranges from 300 PPM to 50000 PPM with Neem based natural limonoids Meliantriol, Salanin, Nimbin, and a host of other terpenoids. TriAza protects crops form a broad spectrum of insects over 600 species, including foliage feeding, sap-sucking, chewing pests, and Mites. TriAza EC is a botanical pesticide approved by CIB.

TriAza EC is available in below concentrations


  • Natural plant-based botanical insecticide.
  • Insects cannot develop immunity against TriAza due to its complex molecule structure.
  • Controls insect growth during various stages of the insect life cycle.
  • TriAza improves crop health by controlling the pests hence, yield of the crop increases naturally.
  • TriAza leaves no residual, degrades very quickly, hence helps to maintain the Ecological Balance and human health.
  • TriAza does not affect natural enemies. It is safe to use with beneficial parasites and predators and thus offers long-lasting pest control.
  • TriAza is the best fit for the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Mode of Action

  • Repellent - Insects from Adjacent fields will not migrate nor prepare to lay eggs in TriAza Sprayed plants.
  • Antifeedant - Insects prefer not to eat the TriAza sprayed plants. Even slight nibbling is supressed.
  • Antifeedant: Starvation - Blocking the ability to "swallow" (that is, reducing the motility of the gut);
  • Growth Regulator - Disrupting or inhibiting the development of eggs, larvae, or pupae
  • Ovicidal - Deterring females from laying eggs
  • Reproduction, Suppression - Disturbs reproduction, Sterilizing adults